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In case you have purchased packages on Packix and want to transfer them to Geometric Store, please pair one of your devices you used on Packix with your Geometric Store account on this page by clicking the 'Devices' tab. The transfer is automatic.

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In order to download packages from our repo, you need to link your device. In Sileo, this process is automatic. However, in other package managers, you will have to manually enter your UDID, which can be found at the bottom of the home page usually.



You can change your display name which is displayed on this page above your user id as well as in package managers such as Sileo. You can also set a custom profile image (a URL) or leave it empty to use the default image.


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The password must be at least six characters. After changing the password, you will have to login again in package managers such as Sileo.

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Use a real email, since we will send you a confirmation code to this email.

We store all your information safely on our servers. There is no way for either us or anyone else to access your private information such as passwords, since we encrypt this information using one-way hash algorithms. This also means we cannot send the password to you if you forget it, but rather let you pick a new one.

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